EPIC Trading

Exceptional People Incredible Compensation

What an opportunity this is!

EPIC Trading is a company that provides a comprehensive training platform in FOREX trading. It also provides an optional team build compensation plan.

Signing up as a Scholar for the Forex training costs $99/month which gives you full access to an incredibly in-depth education platform including such aspects as;

  • Guided live trading sessions
  • Multiple daily trade alerts
  • 2-week University style education syllabus
  • Daily live study hall sessions
  • Trade strategies, and more. 

It can provide the life-long skills necessary to become a successful FOREX trader.

The optional compensation plan upgrades you from a Scholar to an Independent Business Owner (IBO) and is available for an additional $25/month. See further down the page for details on the IBO Compensation Plan EPIC offers.

I have secured my spot right near the top of the company and will gladly place you directly in our team if you sign up!

Please continue down for more details, watch the videos, and then either click here or on any of the sign up buttons below when you’re ready to join.

All the best
Al Stewart

EPIC Trading Presentation

The EPIC Compensation Plan is amazing and straightforward.

As I mentioned above anyone wanting to participate in the compensation plan will pay $25/month to upgrade to an IBO and this fee is ongoing. The $99/month Scholar fee is also ongoing but will be waived once you achieve the first level of the Compensation Plan. 

Looking at the Plan above the level where the scholar fee is waived is the first row and is for recruiting 3 people in your team. Also take note in the column on the left that as the plan spreads downward you never need to sign up more than the original 3 people you introduced to be eligible for the entire plan. Awesome right?

So, if your 3 people signed up another 3 people each that would take you straight away to the second line where your weekly income would be $125. Gets a little exciting doesn’t it! Especially if you look a little further down the plan….

Importantly, once you reach the Founder 500 level (second row) the Scholar fee is no longer waived and will be deducted from your first weekly payment. After all, the company has to pay for this plan somehow!

As I said earlier I am positioned very highly and some of the marketers above me, including my team leader, are bringing in a lot more that 3 people which will naturally then spill down the team to us.

Not bad possibilities for only $25/month hey?! 

Please contact me here if you have any questions.

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