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Hi everyone and welcome to my website valtossolutions.com.

Helping people find ways to work from home is something I am very passionate about because like a lot of people having the chance to work independently and set your own schedule has always been very appealing to me!

I have a beautiful young family and having the freedom to be with them at any time while also being able to satisfy our financial requirements is just wonderful.

As a result I have created this website to provide a space to help present people with income pathways I use as well as the opportunity to share their own experiences working online, and perhaps find a path to success for us all!

The root of my interest in working online

About 14 years ago I was working as a high school teacher and things were going along very nicely. My fiancee and I were planning our wedding and were saving up to buy our first home. Fast forward about two years and we were settled in our new home and had been blessed with a beautiful baby boy and life couldn’t have been better.

Unfortunately, adversity was on the way. I have epilepsy and when our son was 5 months old I began having seizures again after almost 5 years of being seizure free and the frequency increased to the point where I was unable to work. It was completely unanticipated and sent our lives more than a little into turmoil. A sequence of events followed during which my insurance expired and we had to give up our home leaving us very much back at square one.

Now, I have no intention of feeling negative about that story because as it turned out it gave me the opportunity to be a stay at home dad to our two wonderful boys (yes we added another!) which is just an amazing privilege I would not change for anything. Of course, it did leave our family finances under a little strain.

So began my interest in looking for a way to create income online, maybe even income that would remain should another setback of any kind hit us again.

Helping others to earn online

My situation definitely has made me think about the countless people who undoubtedly find themselves in similar situations in their lives where creating a residual income from home would greatly help them out.

Whether that be to replace a lost income or add an additional income doesn’t really matter though as it’s just the opportunity to provide flexibility and security in an income that is the goal here.

Valtos Solutions for you

As I said at the beginning in building out this website I aim to discuss a variety of topics relating to working online and also provide information on programs I currently use.

Please always feel free to comment on posts or send me direct messages as working as part of a community is an integral part of success in working online.

Thanks for reading this and all the very best,

Al Stewart

Founder of valtossolutions.com

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